JS1k Competition

New version of the javascript coding challenge JS1k started. I’m in with my prod Liquid Heart. Deadline gone, waiting for the winners now. My favorites:

It makes the heart spin… by Martijn Bosgraaf

Realtime 3D polygon rendering with flat shading. The mesh is math generated, animation runs fluid in Chrome.

Love Trails by Rauri Rochford

Very nice 2D particle trials animation using the heart equation.

A Rose is a Rose by Roman Cortes

Montecarlo sampling of surface equations tuned until reaching the rose shapes shown. Check also previous static version here and how is made on his blog also.

Liquid Heart by me!

Particles simulating liquid behavior by Lagrangian method in 3D, i will explain how is made in another post.

Autumm Evening by Philip Buchanan

Impressive usage of javascript canvas rendering primitives to create this artistic scene. Mirror water rendering by pixel manipulation. Wonderful.

Interactive Particle System by Jarrod Overson

Really great particle simulation with repelling and attractors fields. Speed optimized for high particle quantity. Do not forget to check full power experiment.

Love Concours by Anthony Mann

Random trials of the heart “character” (font rendering). Heart shape generation by color matching to the heart equation. Good idea and pretty result!

Ruby Sea by Matt Stanton

Wave 3D simulation by the array propagation trick. Heart surface equation as init mesh state. Wonderful!

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